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Advanced technology to advance your securities law workflow

Wolters Kluwer streamlines securities law with research, productivity and workflow tools by providing a suite of intuitive solutions, so you get more done, faster.

Optimize Securities Law Research

Spend less time researching, analyzing and preparing filings, and spend more time doing.

Get More Done With Tailored Workflow Solutions

Perform diligence, streamline workflow and find content more efficiently using one suite of intuitive tools.

Be More Strategic With Intuitive Tools

Get what you need with greater speed and precision with streamlined SEC research, risk identification, due diligence and M&A document drafting.

M&A Clause Analytics

Transactional Workflow Solutions

Improve the quality of drafting and streamline the M&A drafting process with advanced document and clause analytics


M&A Clause Analytics Videos

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Drafting clauses doesn’t have to be

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Identify the best clauses for your M&A agreement with M&A Clause Analytics


Powered by AI, Enhanced by Experts

An AI generated statistical Market Standard, curated by M&A attorneys provides vital insights and guidance for drafting, benchmarking, and negotiating, better clauses and agreements

Boost Your Drafting and Negotiating Power

Use analytics to determine “What’s Market” language or identify non-standard clauses on a wide range of acquisition agreements, clauses, and related documents

Practice Perspectives Every Step Of The Way

Expertly prepared Practice Perspectives guide you to ensure your understanding when drafting an agreement or clause on critical issues of high risk clauses

Compare Your Agreement or Clause to the Standard

Provides insight and guidance into accepted standards to apply to your own agreements

Best Practices Are On Your Practice’s Side

A comprehensive database of acquisition and ancillary agreements ensures you always select on point documents or clauses for your specific circumstances

Instant Insights Drive Performance

Instant access to analytics that show conformity and variability of an agreement or clauses within an agreement to the Market Standard

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A Leader in Serving Securities Practitioners

With our established editorial expertise in securities regulatory content since 1933, Wolters Kluwer is a trusted leader for law firms, corporations, financial services firms, government regulators and policy-makers-from the renowned Securities Act Handbook (Red Book) to a full suite of intuitive solutions to streamline securities law with research, productivity and workflow tools, so you get more done, faster.